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  "Every so often you meet a woman who, you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, will achieve everythingshe dreams of. Amanda Willett is that woman! Amanda is determined, passionate, committed, responsible, willing, and able to make anything happen. Seriously!!! If you are ready for serious growth ... for serious success ... for a serious SHINE factor, then Amanda is the woman you want!"

~ Crystal Andrus, Founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute, bestselling author, TV personality
  "Amanda Willett is the sort of woman you could be friends with. For one she's charismatic, real and self-colored which is rare -and then there's that smart sense of self she possesses. What you see of Willett, well, is just that - what you get. The Power of You workshop I attended, helped me to refocus myself and gave me the inspiration and clarity required to set and achieve new goals. If you are looking to attain breakthroughs that will allow you to do be and create the best in all areas of your life, then I highly recommend this supportive mentorship program."

~ Christa Helsdon, General Motors
The Power of You

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The true essence of soulful living is the self-determination to - speak, dress and live your truth! It's the source of possibility and the core balance that comes from connecting to what makes you shine and unlocking the spirit of your unique identity.

As a woman, the best ensemble for your life is the style you see, feel and are. Illuminating your
SHINE Factor™ and the unique brand of YOU, is the secret to dressing yourself for success from the inside out. This goes way beyond having your colors done and you will discover that style is much more than the clothing you wear.

My own story has taught me; you live your best life when everything's connected, all aspects are aligned...your vocation, your relationships, your time, your money, your health, your image, your truth.

As a body image and lifestyle coach, I help women to transpire their truth, activate their shine factor and create the lifestyle and results they desire. This requires the willingness to self-evaluate and self-explore; the courage to make conscious choices that support your well-being and the drive to commit and follow through on your action plan.

Are you ready to discover what makes you sparkle, to uncover your hidden gold and live life by your own design? Your
SHINE Factor™ is the reward of expressing your truth and interlacing it with your purpose and luminosity. It's all about being true to the woman you are so you can enjoy soulful success, love your life and be a light.

I believe you have something inside that is waiting to be borne. It's the part of you that has a dream to pursue, a passion to follow and a difference to make. Mastering, being and presenting your best self: is what Borne 2 SHINE stands for. Whether you're a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur or a corporate business woman, I can be a resource and a support for you in living, leading and succeeding as your best self, in every area of your life.

"Soulful success can be achieved; when you have moxie, determination and resolve to become the person you believe you were meant to be!"
Amanda Willwtte
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